Self-Driven Child

Need a pep-talk? How about a pep rally? Our next book club selection will be that for you.

We have just finished Dr. Sally Shaywitz’s iconic Overcoming Dyslexia, 2nd Edition. It is such an authority on Dyslexia, and should be the go-to must read for all families that are on this Dyslexic journey. We were over the moon to have Dr. Sally Shaywitz join us for two meetings and carry us through the main themes of her work in addition to answer our specific questions. We all left with such hope and now have a better understanding of the action we need to take to support our children.

Our next selection is reviewed with the following phrases “reduce toxic stress,” “parents with courage and tools,” “child’s capacity for resilience.” Anyone else in? It is a pep rally for parents. What better way to start this school year? Join us this Thursday for our first meeting covering the first two chapters of The Self Driven Child by William Strixrud and Ned Johnson. Message us on facebook for zoom details!