Dr. Sally Shaywitz visits with Celebrate Dyslexia Book Club

At the end of March Corie Kyle, mother of a Dyslexic son and advocate, called and asked if we could have a zoom book club. We started with the Texas Dyslexia Handbook and thought our book club would last just a few weeks. Thursday nights quickly became a highlight of the week, and several more joined. 6 weeks later we finished reading and discussing the Handbook. By the end of the meeting, Corie had another idea. She suggested we read Overcoming Dyslexia, 2nd Edition together. Little could we have imagined at the time several weeks later we would have Dr. Sally Shaywitz as our guest! Last night was a reminder that we have been given the KNOWLEDGE and we are charged to ACT. We also heard it time and time again…HOPE, STRENGTH, SMART. We are grateful for the tools we have been given through learning more about Dyslexia in Overcoming Dyslexia. Dear Reader, know that you are not alone in your Dyslexic journey, whether you are a parent, child or teacher looking for answers and community.

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