Lifting the written word off the page

Multisensory activities are crucial for Dyslexic learners.  As Dyslexic children grow, their parents often have to dig deep to find ways of making the written word accessible.  In San Antonio, we have a treasure trove of options, but the one I want to tell you about today is the Magik Theatre.

Over the years and countless shows attended, I cherish watching my children’s reactions to each presentation offered.  Often at the edge of their seats, they are taking in what was once the written word, now lifted off the page and making its way into their hearts and minds.  

While we read every presentation to our children before we go to the show, the thespians on stage make the written word and all that is in between the lines accessible, literally lifting the words off the page.  This past weekend we were thrilled to attend Dragons Love Tacos.  Already a family favorite, I was reminded again how important this activity is.  There was much chatter among the boys about how their favorite scenes and characters would be depicted.  Once we entered the theater, they immediately identified sections of the set they expected from the book, and others that were unexpected.  At the end, they reported how fun the different aspects of the book came alive on the stage. 

While COVID has limited our frequency in participating in many activities, I was reminded again how important the Magik Theatre is and the role it has had in our lives in making the written word accessible to children. 

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